Support Gender Balance and Equality in Communities

In any community where the women and girls are the majority, sometimes men tend to be superior than them and that’s why we find cases like early marriages, teenage pregnancies and even denied education just because of their being the majority though women and girls try their best to show out their potentials and possibilities, communities don’t understand or think of anything like gender balance and equality. In this communities can use the potentiality of women and girls because women can do more in organizing and sustainably develope the community and also because of their mixed mind they can’t deny their children the right to education and the right to grow in a society where women and men enjoy equal opportunities and rights.
Uplifting and empowering the women makes it much easier to know and account for the general developments in a community, believe me today women work more harder than men mostly in sub saharan Africa region, small scale investments have been put up by women and because of their good management Banks can give them loans through the micro finance system and this is why women are working out much better than men and that’s why education for a girl child is so important to the growth of any community.